My enterprise software is aimed at business customers as well as administrators and software developers with the aim of making your IT operations more efficient. Many applications and tools are open source and finance themselves through Managed hosting, IT consulting and support services. Feel free to adapt the software to your needs or let me adapt it to your business. Would you prefer to have the software operated by me? Just write me an email
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Embed 360 degree images in any website


Embed 360 ° image

Your 360 degree image is integrated in an HTML document and rendered with JavaScript code on the website. No extensions such as Java applets, Unity Player or Flash Player are necessary

Independent of CMS

No matter if you use WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or another CMS. Since 360-To-Html saves the 360 degree image in an HTML code, you can integrate your image on any website.
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DSM Management Suite

The independent extension to your Ivanti DSM environment.

DSM Management Suite PRO extends your environment with comprehensive reporting and evaluation options as well as time-controlled jobs

Powershell extensions implemented

DSM Management Suite uses the PSX Powershell Extensions. We use proven technology so that your application runs stably with every DSM version.

Expandable through API

The backend of the software is an API, i.e. you can link your own scripts and thereby create your own logic or evaluations.
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