Marco Griep

Softwaredeveloper & IT-Consultant


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About me

Hello my name is Marco Griep and i am Full-Stack software developer

I work full-time as an application developer in the area of website, software and app programming and I work part-time with photography and video editing

My Skills

Desktop programming with C # and WPF 80%
Desktop programming with C ++ and Qt 60%
Web development with HTML5 and CSS3 95%
CSS3 90%
Backend development with ASP Core / ASP.MVC 85%
Backend development with PHP / Laravel 35%
Frontend development with AnguluarJS 30%
Java mobile programming 70%
Unity engine 50%
Ivanti DSM software deployment and infrastructure 95%

work experience

April 2012 - today

System manager & application developer

Brandmauer IT GmbH

August 2008 - February 2012

Commercial clerk

Unternehmensgruppe Niederberger, Neustadt an der Weinstra├če

July 2005 - July 2008

Training as an office clerk

Fortuna Werbung GmbH, Neustadt


August 2008 - August 2012

Technical college for state-certified business economist for information processing

Business school for business administration - BBS Neustadt

July 2015

Qualified secondary school I

(Duale Oberschule - Landau in der Pfalz)