New open source project - Socialize-4-Me in development

New open source project - Socialize-4-Me in development

New open source project - Socialize-4-Me in development

It is important to be found as someone who gets all of their commercial revenue through their online business. Followers and impressions are an overrated metric if you really want to get leads. But what does the best sales funnel do if you have no impressions or are not found? All the more important is search engine optimization and social media marketing - adjustments that are possible without the use of money. Both methods are quite complex. Social media posts are as short-lived as a balloon burst the moment it is viewed. As soon as a post is online on social media, it moves down in the activity stream because more recent posts are coming. This is the case with pretty much all social media, regardless of whether we are talking about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Reddit. Wouldn’t it be great if you could automate your social media activities as much as possible, especially when the target group is online and not when you have the time to write a contribution? Socialize-4-Me is designed to solve this problem.

Socialize-4-Me - Social media automation as an open source solution

Many bloggers use WordPress to publish their blog posts when most website visitors are expected. There are also systems that fill your social media channels in a time-controlled manner, but they cost a chunk of money. If I now add my hosting, my CRM system, Seobility for search engine optimization and a system for social media, I am over 100 euros per month - such amounts are prohibitive for simple bloggers, affiliate marketers or small businesses. I myself do a lot of work to find my blog articles and products at all. In order to help me and everyone else who have the same problem, I decided to start a new open source project which helps to regularly create social media posts, publish blog articles, retweet Twitter hashtags and followers win. The entire project is developed with Go im as the Web API, Python as the system language, VueJS as the front end and Docker Tech stack.

Planned features

the following features are planned:

  • Web dashboard for reporting and controlling social media bots
  • Twitter bot: follow hashtags
  • Twitter bot: retweeted hashtags
  • Twitter bot: tweet RSS feed posts (e.g. WordPress article)
  • Twitter bot: tweet predefined tweets regularly
  • Twitter bot: Random tweets from keywords and sentence modules
  • Patreon Bot: Regular posting of blog posts and news
  • Ebay classified ads: Search for the area by potential customers
  • Facebook: Scheduled posting of posts
  • Facebook: likes posts from groups
  • Reddit: Scheduled posting
  • Seobility Bot: Regular collection of SEO statistics for multiple websites
  • Business directory bot: search for the vicinity of potential customers - collection of website and email address for mail marketing.

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